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 European COST Action TU1403 - Period: October 2014 - October 2018


The main objective of COST Action TU1403 is to harmonise, share and disseminate technological knowledge on adaptive facades at a European level. This shall lead to increased knowledge sharing between European research centres and between these centres and industry, the development of novel concepts, technologies and new combinations of existing technologies for adaptive facades, as well as the development of new knowledge such as effective evaluation tools / design methods for adaptive facades.


STRUCTURAL GLASS - Novel design methods and next generation products

 European COST Action TU0905 - Period: April 2010 - April 2014

Focuses on the development of improved design methods and on novel high performance structural glass products that will lead to a safer and energy efficient use of glass in buildings. The network supports researcher mobility and is developing a glass
educational pack for universities curricula across Europe.

These aims are channelled through the activities of the four working groups:

WG1 Predicting complex loads on glass structures

WG2 Material characterization and material improvement

WG3 Post-fracture performance

WG4 Novel glass assemblies

S-GLASS - Struct. Perform. & Design Rules of Glass Beams Externally Reinforced


S-GLASS aims to explore the concepts of structural performance of glass beams and the effectiveness of an external post-tensioning system. The project focuses on the effect of high temperatures and cyclic actions. Those actions are a main concern of south-European countries in which temperatures are really high and where is an effective risk of seismic actions.

University of Minho and University of Coimbra

Coordination: Paulo Cruz.

Funding: FCT - PTDC/ECM/116609/2010

Period: April 2012 - March 2015

MAINLINE - Maintenance, Renewal and Improvement of Rail Transport Infrastructure
to Reduce Economic and Environmental Impacts


The objective of MAINLINE is to develop methods and tools contributing to an improved railway system by taking into consideration the whole life of specific infrastructure - tunnels, bridges, track, switches, earthworks and retaining walls. More info



The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme [FP7/2007-2013] under grant agreement n° 285121.



ADjustMEMBRANE - Adjustable partition membrane

Aiming the development of a lightweight partition wall solution that use the pavement and ceiling slabs as anchoring elements; development of a new material/system, using innovative reinforcement fibres, as 3D or DOS textile structures, with some porosity to guarantee acoustic absorption, thermal insulation, but also incorporating several functional agents on the matrix (polymer) in order to guarantee properties such as anti-fungus and self-cleaning.

Four areas of Minho University with complementary knowledge are associated: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Textile and Polymer Engineering.


University of Minho

Coordination: Paulo Mendonça.

Funding: FCT - PTDC/AUR-AQI/102321/2008
Period: 2010 -  2013

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